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Why Pick Creative Bearings?

We are the in-house marketing department of which you've always dreamed. We speak in your voice, we create in your vision, we make your job easier and free you up to what you do best; run your business.


Creative Bearings' full service approach makes the advertising and marketing aspects of your business seamless and painless, without the big price tag. Once you start working with us, you'll wonder how you handled it all prior.


Ten things you didn't know about Creative Bearings


We actually love what we do, every little bit of it.



We have world-class talent, right here in Colorado.



We put our hearts into every project that we take on, from A to Z, soup to nuts, beginning to end, you get the point.


We are constantly educating ourselves, not to stay ahead of the curve, but to create our own path.



We operate out of a kitschy old house that used to be a pet shop. Random, but true.


We offer every imaginable marketing service your business needs, all under one roof.


Our Process

In this fast paced world of emails, texts, social networking, tweets, posts, nothing quite starts off our relationship like a good old fashioned conversation. We want to understand where you're coming from, both figuratively and literally. We'll do some talking, we'll do a lot of listening, and we'll ask some questions.


Then we'll propose a plan. No surprises, no fine print. Just a plan that allows you to understand exactly what to expect from us. We make recommendations. We instill trust, confidence, and that feeling of "ahhhh, now I know where to go with this".

We want to take the stress out of newspaper deadlines. Facebook posts, blog entries, e-commerce updates, website edits, graphic design file formatting... you get the gist.


Easy. Creative. Fun. Affordable.


Call us.

We can't wait to answer your call.

We want you to feel like you have an in-house marketing department. We make ourselves experts on how to "speak" in your voice.


We have a light table in our conference room on which we doodle with dry erase markers. Something about this format illicits unique ideas. Then, of course, we take a photo of it with the iPhone and put it in the client's electronic file for future reference.

We start our week, every week, with a breakfast meeting. As a team, it's nice to begin the week outside the four walls, connecting and

brainstorming - "unplugged".

We brew great coffee, and invite you to come by for a cup, anytime (well, not on weekends or powder days…okay, powder days that aren't on weekends).

You hire us for a project, or several, or all of them. Then we get creative. Here's where the real fun begins.


A steady stream of communication and follow through will keep the proverbial ball rolling, while your marketing visions unfold before your eyes. It's not done until you say it is. Revisions and revelations go hand in hand. Let's get it perfect.


Then we add the technical part, be it printing, coding, bringing the perfection to "life".


The process is the adventure. We're here to make it easy. We're here to make it enjoyable. And the ultimate goal is your success. Because your success is ours.

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