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The most complete business branding package available:


100% Original

World-Class Design

Unique and Thought-Out

Slogan or Business Naming

Unlimited Revisions

100% Ownership

All necessary Formats


Letterhead, Envelopes &

      B-Cards Designed and

      Ready for Press

10% off all future projects

Lifetime Support



Creative Bearings has a 100% satisfaction history. That's because we do not stop, until each logo, or identity, is perfect.


Perfection is a great way to start a business!

With as many as 90 logo/identity customers a year, from all reaches of the United States of America, Creative Bearings has surpassed most of the world's biggest branding companies in Logo creation for small-to-medium sized businesses. And, these businesses have catapulted themselves into success in awareness, brand recognition and earnings because of their first impression... the Logo.


Creative Bearings offers what other designers, and design agencies can not. Because of our longevity and legacy in business development, we

understand what is required visually and professionally to propel businesses into the mainstream.


Consider, a partner in your business. One who knows that your success will weigh highly on them. Imagine hiring a design consultant that gives you utmost insight on your business and its ability to compete.


We are that partner. By becoming one of our branding/logo clients, we  try to look out for one-another, expect relevant and exterior advise from 'your' creative team. With our ears to the ground, we supply our key customers with the knowledge to prepare themselves for customer and PR challenges, before they arise.


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